Insurance for Individuals & Families

When you are looking for car insurance that can provide you maximum safety and security for your car, it is important to explore all types of policies insurance can provide. There are different types of car insurance policies that you can mix and match to receive the best coverage for your car. While some of them are mandatory for all drivers under the regulations of the government, some are options that you can customize according to your finances. Here are the car insurances you should know about.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance provides you the coverage for paying for the damages you caused to other drivers as a result of a collision. It is legally mandatory insurance that every car owner must have to pay for the losses of others. It includes the medical expenses as well as the car damages for the other person. However, liability insurance is not meant to cover for your own damages and injuries.

Collision insurance

Collision insurance can cover the losses for minor and major damages caused to your vehicle irrespective of how you got them. Whether it is a big or small collision with another vehicle or crashing to a  pole, walls, or an animal, collision insurance will provide coverage to all the damages that happened to your car. However, it does not pay for the treatment of injuries caused to you.

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is not mandatory, but necessary for car insurance to pay for the damages in your car when you are not present at the time of the event. It is most beneficial for recovering your loss in case of a theft. Comprehensive coverage also provides security in cases of vandalism, natural disasters, riots effects, and any incidents that you could not control. It is a recommended cover by all insurance agencies to ensure the best coverage for your car.

Medical payment insurance

Having medical insurance coverage provides safety to you but not your car. This insurance policy can cover the cost of the bills in case you get hospitalized after the accident. Irrespective of who’s a fault it is, you can claim this insurance to pay your medical bills. However, this insurance does not pay the car’s damage and is not available in all the states.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Despite the mandatory regulations to have liability insurance, some of the drivers can break the law and may not have any insurance coverage to pay for the damage they caused to you and your vehicle. Under such situations, you can save yourself with uninsured motorist insurance. You can also have Underinsured Motorist Insurance that provides coverage in case the other driver has liability insurance, but it is not enough to cover for the damage they caused.